About Us

We are an internship recruitment provider in New Zealand that provides students with internship placements for industry experience, course credit or as part of their educational programme requirements in New Zealand. We try our very best to match the student’s requirements to the host organization’s with hopes both parties would benefit and gain positive experiences.

We have had over 10 years’ experience in the IT and Academic industry, so we decided to turn our know how into The Scholar Grid. We do not have a focus Internship specialisation, we could facilitate internships from a Software Developer to Human Resource Management to Accountant to even Digital Marketing. We have ties to some of New Zealand’s companies who seek  energetic interns with fresh ideas.

Why Us?

We simply GET it!


  • We get  what it’s like to be a student, teach students, have students, hire students.

  • We get that students want to apply the theory of their education to the industry.

  • We get that company managers were once students themselves and they get it too!


Did you get that?

Get on the Grid!

2020 The Scholar Grid

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